Learning through the art of giving and receiving in our selves and others through the joy of following our creative dreams...

My name is Karina, I am an artist, and the founder of Purposeful Dreamer, which at its core, it’s a place to find unique inspiring artistic products, but also a place to learn through creativity. 
I finally understand Purposeful Dreamer has been a creative tool and a guide for me to a more joyful, peaceful and creative life. It's my guiding path to keep following my dreams and continuing to give back through my purpose. 

During the pandemic, I felt called to do more through my art and give back following my creative dreams which felt like an abandoned dream back then. I never imagined I would ever be able to do this, but I'm so thankful I listened to this call. 

For the last 4 years I’ve experimented in many fun ways what it means to be a Purposeful Dreamer. I’ve felt the love and support from those that matter the most to me, met amazing people along the way, and have experienced and learned to understand creativity in ways I never imagined. All I’ve wanted is to give in one way or another through Purposeful Dreamer, and in that process I’ve realized that what I was missing was giving back to myself. 

That learning to receive is as important and maybe even harder than to give. I was holding myself back from creating my own artwork which is the core of what made me begin Purposeful Dreamer in the first place! 

But to be honest, it hasn't been easy, the website I worked on for almost 3 years crashed and I’ve struggled to understand what and how much I am able to do to be able to follow this dream while honoring this season of my life to be able to provide for my family, but I’m learning along the way, and that has not stopped me yet! 

I chose to start again but this time small so I can continue to focus on my artwork while being a mom and working on our electrical business. As life opens up, I know I will be able to open my doors again for more and be a better support for other creatives, but with a lot more to give and share as I continue to walk this creative life too. I know if I do that, I will be able to be of better service to other creatives in the future. 

I hope you can find more inspiration and ways to benefit from my work moving forward and perhaps become a Purposeful dreamer yourself :)